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In My Shoes, by Adrian Stephens
Adrian Stephens, Author
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Adrian Stephens's books on Goodreads
In My Shoes In My Shoes
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ratings: 28 (avg rating 4.11)

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Adrian Stephens
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Welcome to the official website of Adrian Stephens! As updates become available, they will appear here first!

June 8, 2013
Hello everyone! It's long past time to talk about the new book.

Walking with Father Time is a story about a scientist who loses his wife while giving birth to their second child, a daughter. In his grief, he commits his life to developing a time machine to go back and save her.

After many years of sacrificing his life and time with his children, Father Time successfully creates the ability to travel through time. Relieved at his success, he sets to go back and right what went wrong with his family. Determined that, if he could save his wife, the time lost with his children could be restored with his family whole.

Unfortunately, Father Time eventually realizes saving his wife is a problem he is unable to solve without keeping his wife from conceiving their daughter, a sacrifice he is unwilling to make. Distraught at his realization, Father Time decides to go back to the point in time when he decided to build the time machine, and convince his younger self to give up the task. This way, at least, instead of wasting his time on time travel, he can spend the time developing the relationship he never had with his children.

However, he fails to consider the determination his younger self has for his mission, and now seeing Father Time has succeeded, the younger self rejects Father Time's pleas to vacate the project.

Once he realizes he cannot deter his younger self from creating time travel, Father Time decides to help him, but only with a condition. Father Time, now convinced time travel will not fulfill his ultimate goal, agrees to send information back routinely that will help his younger self develop time travel sooner that he had originally. But the information would be delivered by his now teenage children. All Father Time asks in return is that his younger self spend one day together with his teenage kids each time they bring information back to him, and that his younger self uses the time saved to get to know his toddler and infant children. His goal is that, once his younger self realizes what Father Time already knows, he'll at least have the benefit of knowing his children after all.

Will Father Time succeed with his plan? How will his estranged children feel about the plan? Will Father Time ever find the happiness he spent his whole life seeking out? This all ages adventure will have new twists on travelling through time, mystery adventure and the value of family.

Stay tuned for more updates!

March 2, 2013
Hello everyone! It's hard to believe that spring is almost here, when four weeks ago I had a frozen spa.

I have been structuring my concept for the
Father Time series, and am really excited to get underway. I will be sharing more information once I get a few more details worked out, so check back...probably once spring starts. Until then...

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